August 23, 2013

Liebster Award

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I´ve been nominated for the Liebster Award four times, which is quite frankly, very exciting. Yay! 
A huge thanks to lovely bloggers for nominating me. 
Vickie from StonesGotStyle
V & B from MaylaFaye
Fay from Crazy Crafts
Kammi from Beauty Book Blog

I´m only posting the first one by Vickie, since it would be too long, I think.

The Liebster Award is such a grand idea. It´s given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. Liebster is German and means beloved, which is really cute. Blogging is about building a community and it´s a great way to discover and connect with other bloggers and help spread the word about newer bloggers.

The Rules

- Answer the 11 questions by the nominator.
- Choose 11 fellow bloggers (with less then 200 followers) and link them in your post. 
- Create your own 11 questions you´d like them answer.
- Inform them of their nomination.
- No tag backs.

My 11 questions to answer by Vickie

1. Do you enjoy any non beauty/ fashion related blogs? If so what type?
    Yes, I do. They are lots of great blogs which I enjoy like art, drawing, diy, travel, life style blogs.

2. How did you get into blogging?
   I find out why I can´t share my passion for art, fashion and creativity with others through blog. Blogging makes me more self-confident and creative. I like that many bloggers support each other and thanks that I find lots of interesting, creative and talented people. I hope I make some good friends here. Why I didn´t do this before?

3. You can only use one for the rest of your life which do you choose. . . Twitter or Facebook?
    I´m using twitter more than facebook lately, but I think I will be stay connected with my friends on Facebook.

4. It´s payday do you buy a few cheaper products or splurge on a single luxury purchase?
   I always buy a few cheaper, but in a good quality products. But if I find something luxury in a good sale, something like Vintage Chanel handbag, I will purchase this for once.

5. Shoes or handbags?
   Hard to say, I´m obsessed with both. I thing I haven´t enough handbags, but I find lots of must - have shoes.

6. What sort of music do you prefer to listen to while blogging?
    Most of my posts are drawings. I listen to one of my favourite rock bands and because I like diversity and don´t listen to same music all the time, I like any sort of good music to listen to and dance.

7. Favorite trend of 2013 so far?
My favourite trend this year is sporty chic look which is kind of my style as well.

8. Is there a certain trend you love, but cannot pull of yourself?
   No, it isn´t. If there is some trend I love, I love to weare it. 

9. What is the beauty item that you could not live withot?
  I have no problem go out without makeup. But mostly I use concealer, eye pencil, mascara, lip gloss for every day and I´m out the door, but if I have to choose only one item it would be the concealer.

10. Favuorite season fashon wise? Do you prefer wrapping up in winter or flashing a bit of skin in the summer?
      My favourite season is definitely the summer. I´m a summer girl. I could have the summer all the year.
 11. Who is your ultimate fashion icon?
     I have to admit no one is my fashon icon, even there is many popular people who have a style.


Bloggers I nominate

Raquel   -   RCM, Stylist
Beatriz   -   Con gafas vintage
Eva & Nicole   -   NICOVABEAUTY
Linnae   -   LinneaDesing
Maxine   -   Sugar & Chic
Patricia   -   Mode in Patricia
Janice   -   PrimmadonnaGlamGirl
Beatrice   -   Very Berry Bee

My 11 questions for you

1. Who is your favourite not very popular fashion designer who we should know?
2. What is your biggest goal in life?
3. Have you ever made your own clothes? If so, what did you make?
4. Chocolate or ice cream?
5. What´s your favourite city you´ve visited or you want to visit?
6. Do you prefer to go shopping or just browse? Why?
7. Describe your dream summer trip.
8. How many languages you can speak?
9. Your most worn clothing item this summer.
10. One skill you wish you had.
11. What is/was your favourite subject and why?


  1. So cool questions ^^

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  2. Love your answers!

  3. Love the answers and the questions that you made to the nominated bloggers

  4. Thank you girls for your lovely comments!:)